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The following is first-hand experience of patients who have come to us for surgeries and decided to blog about it. We came across some of these blogs while surfing the internet. If you are the author and would prefer not to have your blog listed here, please let us know so that we can remove it. Likewise, if you have blogged about your experience at Elixir de Vie and would like your blog to be listed here, please do let us know. We would be happy to create a link and drive traffic to your blog! We would also like to thank you for blogging about your good experience at Elixir de Vie. Happy reading!


Update on 2 Dec 2016: All the links to YouTube videos posted below are no longer working as our account has been terminated by YouTube for posting videos showing breasts and buttocks. But our channel is a cosmetic surgery channel with lots of works done on breasts and buttocks. In fact, Dr Arthur Tjandra is one of the pioneers of autologous fat grafting breasts and buttocks augmentation. He was the first surgeon to perform autologous fat grafting breasts and buttocks augmentation in Singapore and Indonesia! He is possibly one of the most experienced surgeon in the world and has performed the most number of cases of autologous fat grafting breasts and buttocks augmentation. It is absurd to censor the breasts and buttocks when showing the results of breasts and buttocks surgeries. We started uploading live, unedited videos of our surgeries in mid-2013. In less than 3 year time, we have uploaded more than 2000 live, unedited videos showing the immediate results of our surgeries, with follow-up videos taken months and years later. While all other surgeons post "before" and "after" photos of their surgeries, which are often heavily-edited, we are the first and currently still the only one in the world who raise the bar higher by posting unedited, live videos taken during surgeries, until YouTube decides to take down all our videos today. Our decision to post live, unedited videos of our surgeries has caused an uproar in the medical community, especially cosmetic surgery, all around the world. A lot of major forces have been trying to shut us down in the last few years and they finally managed to do so. Firstly, Dr Arthur Tjandra's Facebook personal account was terminated 2 months ago as he posted some photographs of the results of his breasts augmentation surgeries, and today, his YouTube account is also terminated for violating the guidelines, while one can easily watch videos of people having sexual intercourse on YouTube. The truth is, the medical community, especially cosmetic surgery, prefers to remain in status quo, by showing prospective patients photos, which can be edited, rather than videos, which are harder to edit, especially when a surgeon has thousands of videos to showcase. That is why videos of people having sexual intercourse are allowed on YouTube, while videos of breasts and buttocks surgeries are not allowed on YouTube. We highly suspect that this move is financially-motivated as even our videos showing only facial surgeries and liposuction on male abdomens are labeled as pornography and removed by YouTube! As there is no other option of showcasing the result of our surgeries through videos anymore, as all other platforms have even stricter terms than YouTube regarding nudity, we will have to re-join the rest of the pack by posting photographs only. We stopped doing so back in 2010, as we figured out that there were too many surgeons out there who heavily-edited their surgical photos. However, those who had watched the 2000+ videos we had posted from 2013 to 2016, and also read first-hand accounts of patients who blogged about their experience below and compared the photos they took themselves and the videos we posted on YouTube, would have realized that all our photos are genuine and unedited. We will soon resume our case studies on a new platform, Elixirdevie.com. It is not possible to re-publish all the 450 case studies we have uploaded and published on our YouTube channel, hence we will re-start again from Case 399, which happens to be an interesting revision case study. Keep your eyes on our new platform, Elixirdevie.com, so that you do not miss it!

1. Seeing it from a peculiar perspective?! Lipo @ Medan (Part 1 of 3)

2. Seeing it from a peculiar perspective?! Lipo @ Medan (Part 2 of 3)

3. Seeing it from a peculiar perspective?! Lipo @ Medan (Part 3 of 3)

4. Lipo Re-work

5. Hidden Truth: Liposuction with Dr Arthur Tjandra

6. Hidden Truth: Double Eye Lids

7. Liposuction with Dr Arthur Tjandra

8. Mad About Plastic

9. Mad About Plastic: stomach, tummy liposuction in medan by doc arthur tjandra

10. Princessa's Royal Diary: First Liposuction, now Personal Training!

11. GeraldineT: Steps to breast surgery

12. GeraldineT: Road to recovery, Day 13

13. GeraldineT: My Surgery

14. J Ang: Liposuction Progress

15. To Beautify Me: Liposuction Journey

16. Diet Comment: Liposuction in Medan, My Experience

17. Karin: Medan Liposuction Part 1

18. Karin: Medan Liposuction Part 2

19. Karin: One month after liposuction

20. Karin: Medan Liposuction Part 3

21. A Brand New Body (Case No.64, Liposuction Case Studies)

22. Nip & Tuck - My Journey

23. Loner-ism. Entering into my worsening state of loner-ism...

24. Quest to Perfection - Liposuction in Medan (Case No. 4 on YouTube)

25. Liposuction and Fat Grafting to Breasts (Case No. 23 on YouTube)

26. Liposuction Fat Grafting with Dr Arthur Tjandra in Medan (Case No. 41 on YouTube)

27. Liposuction for Torso, Breast and Face with Dr Arthur (Case No. 42 on YouTube)

28. Road to Liposuction, Liposuction review @ Medan with Dr Arthur (Case No. 46 on YouTube)

29. Dr Arthur Fat Grafting (Forehead, Cheek, Temple, Laugh line, Chin)

30. AngelicLipo (Case No. 52 on YouTube)

31. Pursue 4 Perfection (Case No. 66 on YouTube)

32. Wonders of fat grafting to chest (Case No.19, Whole Body Transformation) (Case No. 84 on YouTube)

33. FAT FREE: An informative blog for liposuction and getting fat free! (Case No. 54 on YouTube)

34. Petite Perfectionist (Case No. 19 on YouTube)

35. icactus.me (Case No. 63 on YouTube)

36. Liposuction Journey 101

37. I left my fat in Medan

38. You Only Live Once! Lipoadventure in Medan (Case No. 68 on YouTube)

39. jasongssr's Blog. Liposuction in Medan (Case No.30, Liposuction Case Studies) (Case No. 118 on YouTube)

40. Liposuction in Medan by Dr Arthur Tjandra (Case No.21, Liposuction Case Studies) (Case No. 120 on YouTube)

41. Beauti-logue (Case No. 99 on YouTube)

42. My Lipo Experiences (Case No. 29 on YouTube)

43. Cosmetic Surgeries Diary (Case No. 132 on YouTube)

44. Perfectionist Transformation

45. Cosmetic Surgeries Diary (Case No. 82 on YouTube)

46. Same Me, Just Slimmer (Case No. on YouTube)

47. My Boobies Journey (Case No. on YouTube)

48. Keep Calm, You Are Beautiful (Case No. 158 on YouTube)

49. My Elixir De Vie Journey (password-protected: "elixirdevie") (Case No. 310 on YouTube)

50. Full Liposuction Journey in Medan with Doctor Arthur Tjandra (Case No. 287 on YouTube)

51. 37 Years Old, Fat Transfer to Breast with Weight 46 Kg. Indonesia, IN (Case No. 315 on YouTube) (Patient 315 on ElixirdeVie.com)

52. Boobies made in Medan (Case No. 301 on YouTube)

52. Perfect the Imperfection, Fat Grafting to Boobs (Case No. 330 on YouTube)

53. My Beauty Diary (Case No. 331 on YouTube)

54. Dream Body Comes True (password-protected: "drarthurrocks") (Case No. 136 on YouTube)

55. Breasts Fat Journey Medan (Case No. on YouTube)

56. Goodbye Forever Fats (Case No. 170 on YouTube)

57. Personal transformation journey (Case No. 12 on YouTube)

58. Beauty quest journey (Case No. 249 on YouTube)

59. My first experience. Liposuction with Dr Arthur Tjandra (Case No. 321 on YouTube)

60. Liposuction in Medan. Dr Arthur Tjandra. Elixir de Vie clinic review (Case No. 247 on YouTube)

61. Project Curvilicious (Case No. 369 on YouTube and ElixirdeVie.com)

62. Liposuction in Medan (Case No. 268 on YouTube and ElixirdeVie.com)

63. Bruised Summer (Case No. 371 on YouTube)

64. Liposuction in Medan with Dr Arthur: Why tradition matters (Case No.390 on YouTube)

65. My Medan story. Whole body transformation (Case No. 364 on YouTube)

66. Losing fat in Medan (Case No. 190 on YouTube)

67. dr tjandra arthur liposuction in medan (Case No. 393 on YouTube)

68. King of Liposuction Dr Arthur Tjandra (Case No. 344 on YouTube)

69. Whole Body Revision Liposuction in Medan - Indonesia (Case No. 399 on YouTube)

70. Liposuction in Medan (Case No. on YouTube)

71. My Experience Having Lipo at Dr Arthur’s Clinic in Medan (Case No. 363 on YouTube)

72. 52 Years Old, Thigh Liposuction - Medan, ID (consent is not given to post videos on YouTube)

73. 31yo, fat transfer to breast and face fat graft by Dr Arthur Tjandra, Indonesia, Medan (Patient No. 400 on ElixirdeVie.com)

74. ToyBox World (Patient No. 407 on ElixirdeVie.com)

75. My Secret Medan Journey (Patient 403 on ElixirdeVie.com)

76. My Slimming Dream (Patient 434 on ElixirdeVie.com)

77. My fat grafting experience with Dr Arthur Tjandra in Medan (Patient 424 on ElixirdeVie.com) (Patient has uploaded videos to her own YouTube account)

78. Couple's cosmetic surgery: Liposuction with Dr Arthur Tjandra (Patient No. 435 on ElixirdeVie.com)

79. 27 Years Old, Female, Non Married/kids, Non Shape/hour Glass Figure on Realself.com (Patient No. 5 on ElixirdeVie.com)

80. Journey to Bodylicious (Patient has uploaded videos to her own YouTube account)

81. 3rdTime Around: Whole Body Revision Liposuction in Medan - Indonesia (Patient No. 399 on ElixirdeVie.com)

82. 52 years old, thighs liposuction in Medan, Indonesia (Patient No. 431 on ElixirdeVie.com)

83. Abdominal Liposuction, Dr Arthur Tjandra (Patient No. 431 on ElixirdeVie.com)

84. my liposuction and fat grafting to the breast by Dr Arthur in Medan (Patient No. 425 on ElixirdeVie.com)

85. My Medan trip (Patient No. 455 on ElixirdeVie.com)

86. My Liposuction Journal, Lipo in Wonderland (Patient No. 470 on ElixirdeVie.com)

87. Smart Lipo, Traditional Liposuction with the Master, Dr Arthur Tjandra @ Medan (Patient No. 449 on ElixirdeVie.com)

88. Mid 20's - Always Hated my Arms and Hip Dips! (Patient No. ?? on ElixirdeVie.com)

89. Traditional Liposuction with the Master Dr Arthur Tjandra @ Medan (Patient No. 449 on ElixirdeVie.com)

90. My thighs journey to the end of the world (Patient No. 471 on ElixirdeVie.com)

91. Liposuction on Calves (Patient No. 483 on ElixirdeVie.com)

92. Under Construction-My Body Transformation Story (Patient No. 485 on ElixirdeVie.com)

93. Thank You Dr Arthur!! (Patient No. 488 on ElixirdeVie.com)

94. My Liposuction Journey (Patient No. 482 on ElixirdeVie.com)

95. Liposuction in Medan, after botched liposuction in Melbourne (Patient No. 365 on ElixirdeVie.com)

96. Liposuction and fat grafting in Medan (Patient No. 461 on ElixirdeVie.com)

97. From a Fatty to a Skinny (Patient No. 167 on ElixirdeVie.com)

98. Revision calves liposuction in Medan by Dr Arthur Tjandra (Patient No. 498 on ElixirdeVie.com)

99. 31 yo Fat transfer to breasts and left thigh liposuction by Dr Arthur Tjandra (Patient No. 512 on ElixirdeVie.com)

100. Fat transfer to tuberous breasts (Patient No. 503 on ElixirdeVie.com)

101. Calves liposuction (Patient No. 503 on ElixirdeVie.com)

102. Body Transformation (Patient No. 520 on ElixirdeVie.com)

103. Mon Petite Journal de Lipo (Patient No. 526 on ElixirdeVie.com)

104. Elixir de Vie Video Blog/Vlog

105. Elixir de Vie Liposuction Videos on YouTube


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We found some of the above blogs/reviews "accidentally" while doing a Google search. Please email us and advise us who you are so that we can link your blog/review with the case study published on either our YouTube channel or Video Blog (Vlog).