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L’Élixir de Vie opens its 18,000-square-feet flagship clinic in the city center of Medan, Indonesia, on 23 November 2008, in response to global financial crisis and economic downturn. Whenever there is economic downturn, retrenchement is the expected outcome.


It is during economic downturn that it has become more crucial than ever for men and women of all walks of life to look presentable, as jobs become scarcer and businesses become more competitive. Armed with the same credentials and experience, there is no doubt that only the good looking ones can stay ahead of the competition! Those working in the service industry and doing sales know this fact best. Most often than not, those who look the best make the most sales! This is why we see most sales persons, private bankers, insurance agents, property agents, medical representatives (drug reps) appear better than most people. It is during times like this, we suddenly realize that now is the time to go for those cosmetic procedures which we have been hesitating for a long time, or risk losing our jobs or not getting any job! The pie has got smaller due to recession, but there are more people than ever vying for a small piece of it!


Apart from helping one secures job and sale, youthful appearance is also a major key indicator to a longer life, as a major medical research published in December 2009 issue of British Medical Journal shows. A Danish research which involved 1826 twins revealed that "perceived age" was significantly associated with survival and lifespan. The younger looking twin was more likely to live longer. Researchers found that the twins who looked older not only had inferior physical and cognitive functioning, but they also died first.


The importance of beauty on the labour market is empirically measurable. For the US, Hamermesh has calculated that the 30% of women who were judged "strikingly beautiful" or "good-looking" had an income exceeding that of comparable women who were deemed less beautiful by 8%, on average. The effect of good looks was a bit smaller for men, amounting to 4%. Women who were rated "quite plain" and "homely" received an income that was 4% lower; men in the corresponding categories even earned 13% less, on average. Beauty also affects wealth in an indirect way, i.e. via the marriage market. The partners of unappealing people earn less, on average, than those of better-looking ones. Furthermore, it is easier for attractive people to get loans. (The Economist 2011).


Certain industries, including airlines, require their staff to meet strict BMI criteria. A 2014 guidelines from the Indian Directorate General of Civil Aviation requires male flight attendant to have a Body Mass Index of 18-25, while it is 18-22 for females.



L'Elixir de Vie recognizes the needs of clients and consumers for uncompromised quality of medical care, yet at the same time the needs to save for uncertainty ahead in the looming recession. Singapore may be the center of excellence for medical and surgical treatments in Asia, however as it becomes the world's most expensive city in 2015, medical and surgical costs have risen significantly up to the point of unaffordability to the middle class. By opting to build its flagship clinic in Medan, where cost of living is one of the lowest in the world, yet strategically-located, Elixir de Vie offers the ultimate solution by providing value-for-money services without compromising quality: experienced Singapore- and US-trained physician and surgeon, world-class standard of medical care and facilities, but charging Medan price tag! Medan, the third largest city of Indonesia with population of more than 2 million, is conveniently located 1-hour flight away from Singapore by SilkAir, Jetstar and Garuda Indonesia; 45 minutes from Penang, and 1 hour from Kuala Lumpur by Malaysia Airlines, Air Asia, and Firefly.


L'Elixir de Vie is a unique, state of the art full service anti-aging medical clinic, cosmetic surgery center and medical spa, offering individualized anti-aging treatment programs and cosmetic surgeries for patients of all ages, and with all medical and surgical conditions. We also specialize in measuring and treating the aging process with individualized programs targeted to increasing the length and quality of life, preventing disease, and maintaining the same level of physical, mental, and emotional well being that characterizes true health. We leave nothing out!




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