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30 Oct 2013

Aesthetics Asia 2013: Aesthetics & Plastic Surgery Medical Tourism in Singapore. Some Help please?

We see a lot of visits for medical health reasons from India, UAE and especially Indonesians. But we hardly hear of anyone coming here for plastic surgery. "Singaporeans are the driving force behind Indonesian doctor Arthur Tjandra's success - at his 18,000 sq ft Medan clinic Elixir de Vie, up to 90% of those who come in for a nip and tuck are Singaporeans… Dr Tjandra charges $650 per area while prices in Singapore generally start from $2,000," Straits Time reported 3 years ago.

12 Nov 2012 (8 PM Singapore time)

Get Real! An interview with Dr Arthur Tjandra of Elixir de Vie Indonesia (Channel News Asia, Singapore)

Get a glimpse of the world of cosmetic surgery; why women are getting it done, as well as why patients from all over the world, especially from Singapore, are heading to Medan for cosmetic surgeries. A 30-minute reality TV show produced by Channel News Asia which shows footage of live surgeries performed by Dr Arthur Tjandra at Elixir de Vie Indonesia in Medan!

Mar 2012
Personalities of the Week: Dr Arthur Tjandra (StyleShoppes, Singapore)

There are hordes of women who'd fire questions at Dr. Arthur Tjandra after learning that he's a cosmetic surgeon. But there's more to just physical beauty. He believes in a holistic approach because beauty is way beyond skin deep for him. While he crafts and moulds the perfect thighs and breasts, the key to maintaining true beauty is really in the diet and exercise.

18 Oct 2011
There's no time like my present (South China Morning Post, Hong Kong)

Arthur Tjandra, a cosmetic surgeon who runs for fitness, says that despite the frustrations (similar to my earlier rants), 'I love my GPS, as I can keep track of my training.'

11 Feb 2011
Slim Chance (The Straits Times, URBAN supplement, Singapore)

So even though liposuction, which surgically vacuums fat out of the body, remains the "gold standard for body sculpting", said Indonesian plastic surgeon Arthur Tjandra, non-invasive treatments do have their advantages. The Medan-based doctor said: "There's no risk of bleeding, ........"

30 Jan 2011
More teens go under the knife (The Sunday Times, Singapore)

Young Singaporeans are also going to doctors in the region. Dr Arthur Tjandra, a plastic surgeon in Medan, Indonesia, said many of the young clients he sees are Singaporeans. "Compared to 2 years ago, there is a significant increase in the number of young clients we see." Lower costs seem to be a factor. "For the price of getting just a flat lower tummy in Singapore, patients can get the whole of their mid-section sculpted here."

8 Nov 2010
4 weeks to race day: Mind matters (The Straits Times, Singapore)

For recreational runner Arthur Tjandra, 37, when it starts to hurt, he focuses on the finish line and visualises the 'indescribable joy' he will feel once past it. 'I practise a lot of meditation and visualisation,' says the cosmetic surgeon, 'so I can empty my mind to ignore all sorts of pain, focusing it instead on what I'm going to achieve.'

28 Jan 2010
新加坡 出国整形物美价廉 (xiangqinba.com, China)

新加坡人是促使印尼医生Arthur Tjandra取得成功的动力:在他那间位于棉兰的18,000平方英尺的诊所里,来做整容的90%以上都是新加坡人,剩下的还有美国人、台湾人、马来西亚人、澳大利亚人以及印尼人。这些新加坡人...

28 Jan 2010
新加坡 出国整形物美价廉 (2hua.com, China)

导读:新加坡人是促使印尼医生Arthur Tjandra取得成功的动力:在他那间位于棉兰的18,000平方英尺的诊所里,来做整容的90%以上都是新加坡人,剩下的还有美国人、台湾人、马来西亚人、澳大利亚人以及印尼人。这些新加坡人...

20 Jan 2010
Singaporeans go abroad for cheaper beauty fixes (The Straits Times, Singapore)

The vanity fix overseas is only a fraction of the price back home for Singaporeans.

17 Jan 2010
Singaporeans go abroad for cheaper beauty fixes (The Sunday Times, Singapore)
Singaporeans are the driving force behind Indonesian doctor Arthur Tjandra's success: at his 18,000 sq ft Medan clinic Elixir de Vie, up to 90 per cent of those who come in for a nip and tuck are Singaporeans.

17 Jan 2010
Fat Takings (The Sunday Times, Singapore)
Every year, thousands of women - and increasingly men - subject themselves to liposuction at a clinic or hospital here in a bid to attain an enviable, svelte figure. .......More cost-conscious Singaporeans are also choosing to get their nip and tuck in cheaper countries like Thailand, Indonesia and South Korea.

5 Jun 2009
More and more Singaporeans are heading to Medan for cosmetic treatments (Lianhe Wanbao, Singapore)
The trend has been reversed. Instead of Indonesians flocking to Singapore, currently Singaporeans are heading South to Medan to seek medical treatments. Dr Arthur Tjandra is the main reason why Singaporeans are now flying to Medan.

4 June 2009
Why I chose to go to Medan for cosmetic surgeries: An Interview with June Wee, a famous Singaporean model and blogger (Lianhe Wanbao, Singapore)
June, voted as one of Singapore's hottest women by several local magazines, as well as one of the most famous bloggers in Singapore who gets thousands of unique visitors a day, never fails to dazzle in the limelight. However, due to her hectic working schedules - she models, acts and recently started working full time in an MNC - she almost did not have the time to work out.

12 Mar 2009
Dr. Arthur Tjandra speaks to Rotary Club Singapore West members (Rotary Club Newsletter, Singapore)
Successful or healthy aging refers to a process by which deleterious effects on the body and mind are minimised. Anti-aging medicine has been in existence for more than a decade but made headline news again recently by the airing of Oprah Winfrey's show in two back-to-back episodes in January.

26 Nov 2008
Klinik Anti Penuaan "Elixir de Vie" Hadir di Kota Medan (SKM Suara Masa, Medan)
Semakin bertambah usia kita, dikatakan kita semakin tua, akan tetapi ada kalanya masalah tua yang dikatakan penuaan tidak sebanding dengan usia yang kita miliki, misalnya usia masih muda, sementara fisik kelihatan tua.

24 Nov 2008
Elixir de Vie opens the first anti-aging clinic in Indonesia (Xun Bao, Medan)

Finally the first anti-aging clinic in Indonesia opens it door in Medan. Spearheaded by Dr Arthur Tjandra, the only American Board-Certified Anti-Aging Medicine physician in Indonesia, this clinic aims to extend the lifespan of its clients as well as reverse the aging process.

24 Nov 2008
Medan opens the First Anti Aging Clinic in Indonesia - Elixir de Vie Anti-Aging Solutions (Medanku.com)
Elixir Devie Anti-Aging Solutions is the first Anti Aging Clinic in Indonesia and probably the ONLY clinic in Indonesia founded by an American Board Certified doctor - Dr. Arthur Tjandra from Medan.

Mar 2008
Anti-aging Medicine: Is it possible to reverse the process of aging? (Singapore Management University Newsletter)
On 30 January 2008, Dr. Arthur Tjandra, an American-board-certified anti-aging medicine and aesthetic medicine physician, spoke at the Wee Kim Wee Lunchtime Talk. His talk was titled, “Anti-aging Medicine: Is it possible to reverse the process of aging?”

Jan 2005
Style (Singapore Tatler)
Speaking in soft modulated tones, Arthur Tjandra exudes confidence while evoking a sense of security and assurance. The easy manner is perhaps a result of his training or familial upbringing, but upon acquaintance, you are immediately put at ease by his unassuming charm….

Dec 2002
12 Days of Christmas (Singapore Tatler)
Over a Christmas dinner in 1997, Arthur Tjandra, a medical officer with Singapore General Hospital (SGH), was presented with a gift he could not refuse. His father, a property developer in Indonesia, offered Tjandra a clinic to launch his own solo GP practice. He has since closed his clinic in Medan and moved to Singapore to work for SGH and pursue his postgraduate studies at the same time.